One year ago in May I received an unforgettable email. It was a wedding inquiry. But unlike most wedding inquiries, it included not one or two photos of the couple, but 15, all narrated and explained. And at the end of the email, nine photos of their cat Luigi. The bride closed the email by saying "Let's see, somethings to tell you about us (though I don't know what else you need to know after seeing Luigi), we both work together as video editors for Discovery Communications, so we can tell you how to survive a shark attack, a bear attack, and a snowmobile crash in the Arctic." Emily was right. I didn't need anything else after nine photos of their cat, but the bear and shark attack facts didn't hurt either. I could not wait to meet this couple. A few weeks later I met up with Emily in Washington D.C. Most clients choose to meet at a Starbucks or low-key restaurant. Emily chose the red panda cage at the National Zoo. We cooed at Rusty the red panda and then walked from the zoo to her apartment, met her cat, and talked wedding. Right then and there I started counting down the days to their wedding. It couldn't come soon enough.

On April 12, Emily and Ben were married at the gorgeous Mathwig Estate Event Barn in Thurmont, Maryland. 

When Emily first emailed me she mentioned she was growing her own terrariums for the wedding. A lot of my clients get into DIY, so I didn't think a lot of it. That was until our meeting in D.C. when I finally saw them in person. She glowed as she showed me the little miniature habitats she was creating inside the terrariums. "I'm probably going to spend more man hours on these guys than any other part of the wedding but I don't care. They're my babies!" My mind was blown. Emily was hand-placing little miniature people, sheep, cows, men in hazmat suits, etc. into scenes with moss and venus flytraps within her terrariums. The terrariums would be grouped together and placed at each table at the reception. I whipped out my macro lens and took as many photos as I could during the reception but I assure you there were MANY more than you see here. The amount of time and creativity Emily put into these guys makes me swell with happiness. Not just because they turned out amazing but because I'm sure she got her fair share of eye rolls and "You really need to be focusing on the table charts" comments. But she stuck with it. And I admire that a lot as an artist. Particularly, as a similarly perfectionist, non-delegating artist. ;) 

You have to love the Captain Cookie & the Milkman food truck at the reception. Ben and Emily really thought of it all!

Ben + Emily, you guys are the best. Thank you for including me in the happiest day of your lives. I had such a wonderful time getting to know you (and Luigi the cat, of course). Stay in touch!

(Many thanks to my sweet Stefan for second shooting with me on our anniversary.)