Britt + Elliott ; Photos by Lydia Jane Photography (

Let me just be clear about one thing from the start. Britt and Elliott are one in a million. I’ve photographed a lot of weddings and witnessed a lot of “opposites attract-ing”. Every now and then I’ll work with two people who are strikingly similar, but more often than not it’s the former not the latter. In seven years of shooting weddings, I’ve never met a couple so alike in charisma, attitude, and involvement in their wedding day. From our first meeting it was obvious both Britt and Elliott had a vision for their wedding day and were equally excited about it. Due to a series of sad events, Britt and Elliott had to relocate their wedding last minute from Baltimore (where they live and run the Single Carrot theater company & Britt’s photography business) to Greenwich, CT. I never would have wished these circumstances on them, but as a result I got front row seats to a beautiful display of generosity, kindness, and teamwork, not only between Britt and Elliott but their family and friends as well. Britt and Elliott have the rare ability to feel deeply yet remain strong. As a “feeler” myself, I admire anyone who can go from the highs to the lows and still remain grounded and hopeful. Britt and Elliott’s wedding reminded me what’s really important about a wedding day: the people. You can plan your perfect, dream wedding but life will always get in the way at some point. It’s best to just assume that fact and prioritize the things (aka the people) that really matter. And Britt and Elliott are surrounded by good people. You can tell a lot about somebody by who their friends are. Britt and Elliott’s friends are a diverse group of outgoing theater types and bashful out of the spotlight folks with one thing in common: their love for Britt and Elliott. I’ve never been to a wedding where so many friends stood up and sang (literally) their praises of the couple. It was beautiful. So, without further ado, Britt & Elliott’s wedding:

There were a lot of moments during Britt and Elliott’s ceremony that I loved. But probably my favorite was when their pug Snoop walked down the aisle as the flower girl. She was dressed for the occasion too!

Britt + Elliott, I love you guys. Thank you for opening your hearts and your lives. Your wedding was one of the highlights of my year.