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A couple weeks ago, on peak day for the cherry blossoms in D.C., a very brave couple met me at dawn by the Tidal Basin. You would imagine sunrise on a Thursday morning would be a good time to avoid the crowds. Wrong. By 6:20am, we were three of the hundreds crowded beneath the blossoming branches to witness the first glow of the rising sun. I've now come to realize, sunrise cherry blossom photos are like the holy grail of photography in the D.C. area. Everyone has to get a taste of it. The vest-wearing, tripod carrying landscape photographers, the old, retired, amateur photographers with their handheld light meters, the upbeat bloggers and news reporters with their soft boxes and reflectors, the chattering tourists with their point and shoots, my fellow portrait photographers waving and directing their matching, pastel wearing subjects, and the frantic joggers with their iPhones yelling over their Jay-Z workout mix to their jogging buddy, "Oh my god, SO pretty right?". And then me, the very sleepy girl trying to get the most beautiful engagement photos ever of a very sweet couple in the midst of the Times Square of Washington, D.C. Because, you see, there really wasn't a patch of sidewalk or grass you could safely "set up shop" because not everybody under the cherry blossom trees is pointing their camera out towards the water. No, you have people aiming their camera through the trees, at the trees, macro-lensing inside the trees (blossom bokeh!), and across the trees to get a shot of their reflection in the water. No matter where you stand you ARE in someone's shot. It was like trying to take a selfie at a red light. There's no possible way to do it and not get noticed. Thankfully, we ran into (literally) nothing but kind folks, one of whom even offered to hold a branch out of frame for me so I could get an unobstructed shot. It was adorable and if the photos hadn't turned out it would've been worth it just for the people watching. But, thankfully, the photos did turn out! So, with that background story fresh in your mind, please enjoy my deceitfully tranquil and romantic photographs of Phoebe and David.

 photo PDblog-1_zpsab1ba2df.jpg

 photo PDblog-4_zps015e9873.jpg

 photo PDblog-7_zps674bed22.jpg

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 photo PDblog-23_zpsb32cde8d.jpg 

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 photo PDblog-24_zpsd04f2e8f.jpg

 photo PDblog-30_zpsae1eb24c.jpg

 photo PDblog-29_zpsd38a5477.jpg

A huge shout out and thank you to Phoebe and David for going with the flow and acting like there weren't hundreds of people staring at them cuddle. You guys were rockstars and made my job so easy. Much love. xo


Last month, I had the incredible honor of photographing my friend and fellow-photographer Jamie's wedding in Canada. I first met Jamie through my best friend Kristen a couple years ago. We hung out as a group a few times, but it wasn't until the last year and a half that I really got to know Jamie on a deeper level. If you don't already know who Jamie is then let me be the first to tell you she's one talented lady. As a wedding photographer based in Langley, BC, Jamie has raised the bar for wedding and portrait photographers everywhere. By the age of 21, Jamie had already been running her professional photography business for 4-5 years. So, it figures that Randy, a business savvy contractor, would be immediately attracted to her. It's safe to say I've never met two people as productive and efficient as Jamie and Randy. Together they are a powerhouse. 

 photo JRblog-52_zpse531fcfd.jpg

But it's not Jamie and Randy's business smarts that make them a wonderful couple. What's truly remarkable about them is their heart for others. I arrived at Randy's house in Langley at 4am, two days before the wedding. I was half asleep and bleary eyed, expecting to crash on the nearest carpet. But when I arrived at his apartment (with bestie + MOH Kristen, her husband Caleb, and son Rowdy in tow), Randy was not only awake but had moved to the couch so I could use the guest bed. There were chocolates and a water bottle and clean towels folded like I was at a hotel. When I arrived at Jamie's the following morning, she also had a gift bag and a card waiting for me. The day of the wedding, I heard story after story about how Jamie and Randy gave money, or time, or labor, or a listening ear to those in need. The recipients of these were not just family and friends, but strangers near and far. As a couple, Jamie and Randy are not only capable and strong but sensitive and compassionate. It was an absolute honor to be their wedding photographer and an even greater honor to call them my friends.

 photo JRCollage5_zpsecbee28a.jpg

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To see the amazing wedding video by Hello Tomorrow click HERE.

Venue: The Fraser River Lodge, Agassiz, BC, Canada