Happy Hump Day, everybody! Today's wedding took place in September at the breathtaking Omni Bedford Springs Resort in Bedford, Pennsylvania. Eric and Lindsay found out about me via mutual friends and past clients, Nate & Sara Sylvester. One of my favorite things about world of mouth referrals is the immediate connection I can have with complete strangers. From the very first email, I felt like I'd known Lindsay forever. Their wedding was such a refreshing, enjoyable wedding for me to shoot. And with as many weddings as I shoot in Western PA, it's beginning to feel like a second home.

So, enjoy this post and please leave a comment to say hi! I'm feeling a bit under the weather today and could use a happy hello. :)

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Happy 2014, friends! I hope you had a wonderful New Years. I'm sore from head to toe from dancing my way into the new year, but thankfully blogging gives me a generous dose of couch and tea time. 

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This next wedding is another favorite from 2013. I photographed Lauren & Kyle's wedding in September at the beautiful McDonald Barn in Seven Valleys, Pennsylvania. From the very first email I received from Lauren I knew we were a perfect fit. Lauren & Kyle are the friends you wish you had. They are the life of the party while still oozing a genuine, pure love for their friends. It's beautiful to be present at a wedding where every single soul at the wedding is bursting with joy for the bride and groom. Lauren & Kyle's love for one another poured into every aspect of their wedding. The amount of detail from the hand-drawn programs to the table decor to dessert for every kind of food allergy/preference imaginable (a personal favorite) was simply breathtaking. I'm so happy to finally show you the photos from their beautiful wedding day!

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I'm not big on posting every first-look, but something about this one gets me. Maybe it's because I know how nervous Lauren was. Or how squirmy Kyle was. Or how all of that was forgotten the instant they laid eyes on each other.

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A little sib-love.  

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Lauren & Kyle's vows had everyone is tears. No, not tears. Sobs.

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"With you, I feel completely loved. I can be 100% myself, fully accepted, you are the place where I feel most comfortable. You are my home."

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Lauren & Kyle's wedding was home to some of my favorite things: beautiful lighting, cats and good tattoos. This guy filled all 3 quotas. 

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Lauren & Kyle - I wish you all the happiness in the world! You are beautiful together and I'm lucky to have photographed your wedding day. 

(Many thanks to may baby girl and past-bride Caitlin for second shooting!)