lydia jane (

hello, my name is lydia

I'm a photographer by trade but a storyteller at heart. I make art because it's who I am. Some of my earliest memories are sitting cross-legged on the floor looking through my mom's art history books. I still think the most peaceful place on earth is within the walls of an art museum.

While I might get a little nerdy around the the subject of art history, my love for photography is grounded in my love for people. I've traveled the world with my camera, photographing hillsides and oceans, but nothing has moved me quite like the flickering story behind someone’s eyes.

I'm a red lipstick wearing redhead, loud laugher, chronic people watcher, and honest adventurer. I think music should be heard live and hugs given generously. Most of all, I believe everyone has a story to tell but not everyone knows how to tell it.

Will you let me help you tell yours?